How I can support you on your Widowhood journey?

WIDOWHOOD has been one of the BIGGEST passion projects I’ve ever encountered – because I was PASSIONATE about healing, living WELL and reclaiming my LIFE after loss. And I’m DOING just that!  I have utilized my unique skillset of problem solving and strategy building to help other widows just like me, (and YOU!) get UNSTUCK from the mental trap of “HOW do I start?”  through to “Where am I going?” and everything in between. 

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Flagship Full Course

Widow Academy™

 Our program is LITERALLY something you don’t see everyday – because this program flips the “grief stages” idea and inserts the fact that Widowhood is a journey – not a doomed destination! We believe widows DO have the power to accept and positively influence their own journeys – no matter what “stage” they are in – because we have DONE it.

With that in mind we’ve combined our experience based connection coaching with gradual action based coaching. This includes tangible takeaways (like the Widow Academy Blueprint™)  for those that need more support than just words and 1 hour sessions. The Result? Connected coaching + gradual action = purpose driven momentum.

You’ve seen what you CAN’T control on this journey…

Let Us Show You What You CAN Control. 

Map U 2 #NextYou™

1:1 Coaching

If you’re THERE – at the corner of being SICK of feeling STUCK, and wishing you knew HOW to move forward and heal… I GET YOU. I coach 1:1 in my MAP YOU 2 #NEXTYOU™ coaching program to help you get UNSTUCK; by getting CLEAR on what your next chapter will look like, and the exact steps for how you’ll get there.

DIY Online Courses

Mini Courses + Group Programs

Let’s face it, in the case of strategic recovery and mapping your way forward; some people just learn, heal, and FEEL better navigating through the hard things with a group; and some like doing things at their own pace. Whichever is you – I’ve got something for both! 

The Write Therapy

Widowhood Anthology Books

I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard from my clients and my anthology coauthors, about how THERAPEUTIC it is to write and share our widow journeys, and how many want to write a book – but arent sure they can fill a WHOLE book. Rather write ONE chapter, have someone hold your hand throught the whole process? Done. Click below! The next volume comes out December 2024!

Ready To Collapse the time it takes to go from STUCK to Soaring?

Learn to leverage who you are to unlock your potential with my strategic empowerment coaching services. Let’s work together to achieve your goals, not by skimping on the time + effort – but by using them WISELY to focus on the RIGHT things. Not sure which  program you want to inquire about? Schedule a general consultation with me today!

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