Certified Widow(ed) Life coach with over a decade of experience in passion-meets-purpose management and creative empowerment strategy .

Whether it’s becoming a best selling author, or finding meaningful identity after loss – the passion project is still about YOU. Your GROWTH. I help clients creatively translate their mind’s desires into the language of their hearts: so they can grow by operating in their CORE values, and take strategic steps forward into the purpose they were BORN for. 

My Widow Story

 My husband passed away very suddenly – no warnings, no planning…no goodbyes. Random head injury. He literally “just tripped”. He’d been playing with the kids, running backward in a relay race – on Easter Sunday in 2009. His head injury instantly gave him an hour, 2 at most, left to live. I became an instant single mom, and 27- year-old widow in about 45 minutes flat, that day…

My Coaching Philosophy?: Simple.

Developing awareness and strategy around our unique CORE VALUES, empowering my clients to take confident ownership of their paths forward, and helping them navigate the challenges of intersecting passion and purpose.

 I have coached grieving widows, best selling authors, budding entrepreneurs and identity seeking mothers – all walks of life! The common denominator? I’ve taught them all how to zero in on their greatest assets, and create feasible – exciting! – paths forward.

I have written/co written 6 best selling books, published articles in various industry publications, and have been invited to speak at numerous conferences and events. My goal is to share my knowledge and expertise to help people achieve their full potential. I am constantly learning and growing myself, and I believe in the power of continuous self-improvement to create positive change in our personal and professional lives.

I have 3 children, ranging from the ages of 21 to 6! They keep me busy, obviously, but they each represent something different and amazing in my life. The adult one humbles me; and reminds me that I'm not perfect but I did and am doing my best. The teen stretches my patience and expectations around blending a family after loss, and the little one reminds me of how wrong my fears can be; how different and blessed one life can become after so much pain and doubt. They are my hearts, and I definitely use everything I've learned in my experiences with them to help in my coaching for solo parents! Bless your hearts!

I'm also a remarried Widow. That is hard for some people to process. Why would I keep coaching widows and DO I really relate any more?

2 things: Widowhood does not END at remarriage. Same backstory, new chapter. The second thing: My clients will vouch... 15 years of being a widow gave me EVERYTHING I NEEDED, to offer a little something to someone else going through this crazy hell. So I'll keep at it, til the Lord tells me to do something else!

The Fun Stuff...

6 Things You'd Never Guess About Me...

Beach Bum

There is no where on earth, I want to be MORE than on a beach, period. lol I love to travel, but HATE flying (severe airplane ear) – so I have to meticulously plan – but when I do, I’m off to see the world’s BEACHES honey. Keep the parks, statues and tours. I wanna see the water. <3

Former Cheerleader

Before kids, I literally had cheered ALL MY LIFE! Name the sport, UCA, NCA, CIAA … I’ve been the captain, co-captain, the flyer in the stunt or the back-flipper in the flash. I’m old and rusty now, but if my life depended on it I could probably… nah… never mind. lol Good times. #VSUWoo 

Left Handed Bandit​

I’m a lefty! Supposedly we are the creatives verses the organization freaks. Apparently I’m a bit of both. Thank my teacher mom and (literally) rocket scientist dad. 🙂 #CosbyKid

Vampire Novels

I’m a huge Anne Rice fan, and take offense to anyone wanting me to show love to “Vampire Diaries” show or that Twilight mess. lol Also, there’s a Maya Tyler (Formerly my married name) out there who writes vamp novels. But she’s not me. 🙂

IT Pro

Little known fact for those that dont know: I have a degree in Information Systems and have worked in Cybersecurity for the last 20 years. Yep, I’m a techie nerd. And yes, I hate *certain products* and participate fully in the Alexa v. Siri wars. lol #Android4EVA

Chronic Illness Advocate

Part of my purpose in many of the things that I share, is to help people understand they are not alone, and there are others who ACTUALLY get them. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, PPD, diastasis recti, auto immune issues, fibroids, kidney disease, and/or migraines – I GET you. We can be besties and share!

Why do I coach?

Because I needed a coach like me for MY life.

I'm passionate about the GOOD I can do for other widowed people, other aspiring authors, and other people who feel STUCK - because I know how to get UNSTUCK. Moving FORWARD, not just "on" has been the mantra of my life along with the importance of practicing self love and self awareness as a path to fulfillment no matter what the roadblock is. I've become a student and master of creative self development and strategic empowerment as an effective tool that kicks down barriers like depression, grief, and aimless stagnancy. Why WOULDNT I share that? Exactly.

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