I'm Maya Dionne. 

Author | Speaker | Life coach + Recovery Strategist

I help Widowed Moms renew the hope, create the support, and execute the plan it takes to THRIVE in the crazy, demanding, devastating space of life after loss.

You CAN live you best life - and I can show you HOW.

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About Maya

What Is A Widow Coach, Anyway?

To put it simply, I create maps for widows who feel lost in the sauce of widowhood. I coach women to navigate the physical, emotional and mental waters of widowhood, in  realistic, DO-able ways.  From my own first hand experience as a widowed mom at age 27 - I GET the drama. I get the helplessness. I GET YOU. Using that - and a love for creative strategic planning, I create recovery solutions for my clients that proves widowhood does not HAVE to be the end of happiness. Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients gain the confidence and clarity to break free from the doom and gloom and have hopeful (and practical) steps forward to create their #NextYou! 

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 Clients Are Saying...


"Maya showed me how to build ME so that no matter what mess or moment I find myself in, I can depend on ME, my CORE VALUES and my purpose to rev me back up, remind me who I am and what I can do, and keep me feeling the
most ME I've ever been. Thank you so much."

S. Johnson 

 / Widowed 3 years


“I would describe the coaching as amazing, thorough and ACCESSIBLE, which is awesome. Maya is extremely supportive and motivating and her courses provide the structure that I need to get ME together - IRL. I'm SO grateful to have found her!"

F. Hurdle

/ Widowed 7 years


"Maya taught me what I really needed – which was to figure out WHERE to start, what to DO, and how to keep myself motivated in the middle of REAL grief life.”

J. Moore

/ Widowed 2 years

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